Hi, I’m Emma.

I am Emma, I am a wife to Adam and a Mother to two beautiful daughters. Nola, who is a two year old sass pot and drives me up the wall daily and Mavy, who I would give anything to have her drive me up the wall daily. Mavy was born still on the 6th November 2020.

If you have found my Blog chances are that you too have experienced the loss of a child, or you know somebody who has and are trying to help them. However you found me, thank you for taking the time to come onto my site and read what I have to say.

The reason I decided to start typing away about my private life is because when Mavy died I desperately needed to find other people who had gone through this. I hated that they existed and had gone through this pain as I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but I needed them so much. I now want to be that person for other people who find themselves in this awful club. The babyloss club. A place you never wanted to be, but you will find the most amazing people and be shown strengths you didn’t know were possible.

I plan to write my posts on all things baby loss. I am not an expert in grief, or in writing for that matter. I am just a Mum who wants other parents in my position to not feel so alone.