Goodbye, Socials!

I’ve sat down today in Mavy’s sunny bedroom – which is also my office – to write a little bit of a goodbye. I haven’t been active on my blog lately. I’ll be honest – I’ve been avoiding it. At first, I wasn’t sure why as I love writing but, I think I may have […]

Toddler Grief

I have wanted to write about Nola for a while. It has been a difficult one for me for a few reasons. I have had almost 3 wonderful years with Nola, I have so much to say about her, how could I fit it into one blog post? Secondly, Nola will grow up one day […]

Post partum weight loss

What has weight loss got to do with babyloss? In my world…a lot actually. For as long as I can remember I have battled with my weight, I’ve been anything from a size 10 to a size 18. What’s worse is I look back on photos when I was a healthy weight and I vividly […]

A positive day

Positivity. Today I feel positive. I feel somewhere close to happy. I walk around and feel Mavy as if she is cocooning me in love. It’s difficult to explain what a ‘good day’ looks like to me now but they are becoming more prevalent in my life and when I have them, I feel lighter. […]

Adam & me

I remember watching a documentary years ago on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. It talked a lot about statistics of child loss and one that really stuck out to me was that “80% of parents will divorce following the death of a child”. Shortly after we had been told that Mavy had died, I asked […]

Results Day

When I woke up on the day of Mavy’s Post-mortem results I was filled with dread. I wondered what outcome would be ‘best’. When I was asked how I felt about receiving the results, I would shake it off by saying that nothing would change the horrible fact that she wasn’t in my arms, so […]

What do I say to her?

**Disclaimer: If you know me personally and you recognise anything in this article that you have said or not said to me, please do not worry. We are humans, we are not perfect. I know that all anyone wants to do is support me** Today I received an email from the hospital to invite Adam […]

Why blog?

I’ll be honest, I thought writing a blog would come easy. All these thoughts and emotions whirring round my head at a 100mph every day, it would surely be simple enough to just type them out. The truth is it hasn’t been easy. I have written, edited, deleted and rewritten this piece many times. I […]

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