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Goodbye, Socials!

I’ve sat down today in Mavy’s sunny bedroom – which is also my office – to write a little bit of a goodbye. I haven’t been active on my blog lately. I’ll be honest – I’ve been avoiding it. At first, I wasn’t sure why as I love writing but, I think I may have […]

Toddler Grief

I have wanted to write about Nola for a while. It has been a difficult one for me for a few reasons. I have had almost 3 wonderful years with Nola, I have so much to say about her, how could I fit it into one blog post? Secondly, Nola will grow up one day […]

Post partum weight loss

What has weight loss got to do with babyloss? In my world…a lot actually. For as long as I can remember I have battled with my weight, I’ve been anything from a size 10 to a size 18. What’s worse is I look back on photos when I was a healthy weight and I vividly […]